Miscellaneous Art Work

2013 "Sexy" Halloween Costume (school girl, french maid, nurse, cop, vampire, cat, bunny, devil, army girl, fairy, cowgirl, pirate)

Sexy Halloween Costume Sexy Halloween Costume

2008 Album Cover Art for "Spoilage" by Ben Bennett available on Experimedia

Album Cover

2004 Film negatives on glass


2004 Collected color registration bars

Color Registration Bars

2004 Security Envelope Collages

Security Envelope Collage BlueSecurity Envelope Collage Blue Detail

Security Envelope Collage RedSecurity Envelope Collage Red Detail

2002 Birth Control Pill Silkscreened Party Dress

Birth Control Pill Party Dress

2001 Blown Glass Cactus with liquid, found thorns, glue, and found pot

Blown Glass Cactus

2000 Stained Glass and mirror (20"x20"x13")

Dome in the Shade

2000 Embroidery (4"x6")


Rachel EmbroideryRachel Embroidery Detail